The 5 best tools for PC Gamers

If you’re a true PC gamer, you know how cool and proud it is to be one. We all do all kinds of things with our Rigs… You know.. keeping check on hardware temperatures to make sure everything is going well, or checking frames per second to adjust the optimum settings, or overclocking to squeeze out the best from the gpu/cpu or just recording a gameplay too show off on your YouTube account. Here’s are┬áThe 5 best tools for PC Gamers.


1. Monitoring Hardware temperatures : Real Temp

There are many good tools available out there to monitor hardware temperature, I find real temp the best as its lite, simple, accurate and has an alarm feature which triggers the alarm if the temperatures crosses a certain limit set by the user.


2. Gameplay recording : Fraps

Nothing can beat Fraps when it comes to recording your game-play, It just the best tool you can get. It also offers few amazing features like Showing frames per second during game-play and a built in bench-marking tool as well. It offers one key press Sart/Stop Recording. There is a small problem tough, the recordings it does are huge in size, but compared to the features it offers it can be overlooked.


3. Overclocking GPU : MSI Afterburner

No matter what brand/Make GPU you own, it supports everything and has got all the razzle-dazzle, Overcloking your GPU is just easy with MSI Afterburner.


4. Virtual Optical Drive : Wincdemu

This is just what you need, install it and forget.Its even less than 1 MB in size. Next time when you’ll double click on any of your Dic Image Files on your hard drive wincdemu will automatically detect and create a Virtual Drive For you.



It is a light program which gathers information about your PC’s main components like CPU and Ram. when it comes to checking CPU information this is the most popular one.


Hope this would help you Game better, Stay connected for more.
Happy Gaming.

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