Free Racing Wheel

Hi Folks,

I’m gonna show you how to make a DIY Racing Wheel.

Lets begin.

1. Grab your android phone. Go to play store and install Monect.

2. Install the monect PC program on your PC. (you need a bluetooth or wifi enabled PC, Internet Modem with Wifi hooked to your PC with a LAN chord will work too.)

3. Keep your keyboard on the floor.

5. Start your favorite Video Game and set the controls as following:

  • Accelerate/Throttle = Num Enter
  • Reverse/Brake = Spacebar
  • Turn left = Monect
  • Turn Right = Monect Left

6. Bingo!! Have fun. Thank me later 😉

You’d get all the details required to setup monect here .

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Disclaimer: I won’t be responsible if you spoil your grades due to excessive gaming.

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